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Whatcha Say: The Oscars, Joan Rivers & Justin Bieber’s Weird Outfits Got Readers Talking

For an award show about movies, Sunday’s broadcast of the Academy Awards sure felt more like an ode to music this year–and it basically was! The long, long event was mercifully broken up by some truly showstopping performances in celebration of musicals, including performances by Barbra Streisand and Jennifer Hudson. But there were two performers that got you guys talking the most: Shirley Bassey and Adele.

Adele didn’t just make headlines at the Oscars — she also caught some flack from the always outspoken shock queen herself, Joan Rivers, which got you guys just a little riled up. And finally, Justin Bieber‘s curious sartorial choices as of late got you guys quipping like crazy on Facebook. But don’t worry — he’s probably too busy partying it up tonight for his birthday to notice.

:: Ron was positively spellbound by Storm Shirley on Shirley Bassey’s Performance Of “Goldfinger” At The Oscars: Review Revue: “I’m a 57 year old American man who has always really loved the Goldfinger theme since it came out in the 60′s. I saw the movie in the theater as a child. But NOTHING prepared me for Storm Shirley!!! I feel like I just met a wonderful and beautiful new friend. She’s in a realm few singers may enter, Tammi Terrell also being one. What a Dame… what a Classy, Classy DAME!”

:: Clippo praised too, but not without taking Shirley to task — note for note: “Shirley Bassey is known for clipping hernotes short, almost brutally. Her performance at the Oscars was no exception. Her opening was a bit croaky, making you cringe a bit when she missed a note by half. Poor dear, she is in her 70s, so some leeway. But everyone knows (or should know) that Goldfinger ends with THE big note. So the tension was killing – could she do it? could she do it? could she do it? … She did it.”

:: But Madlyn was not sharing at all in the love fest: “Maybe I missed something, but I found her performance to be embarrassing. She “spoke” the lyrics and when she finally held a note longer then 3 seconds, it sounded terrible. I realize she is up in years, but so is Barbra Streisand. If she has some kind of illness, then I apologize for my honest opinion and give her credit for trying.”

:: Adele’s performance wasn’t all that revered by madison on Adele’s “Skyfall” Performance At The Oscars: Review Revue: “I thought Adele’s voice was weak…I would have liked a bigger show of strength from her considering all the energy of the backing singers and the orquestra…she was very low key. Especially when you see how Bassey and Hudson rise to the occasion. Adele’s voice needs some more training.”

:: pgreske agreed, but he blamed the orchestra: “I think the orchestra was a little too loud. Adele’s voice is usually so much stronger but I think the orchestra did drown out her voice a bit. Having said that she still looked fabulous and was the best performance of the night. Totally deserved the Oscar!”

:: When Joan Rivers talked smack about Adele, tod bit back on Joan Rivers Made Fun Of Adele’s Weight On ‘Letterman’: Did She Cross The Line?: “If you insult people for a living, the way Joan Rivers and her ilk do, you do it to people who deserve it or that are in on it. Taking shots at Lohan or Sheen for there antics might be a good example. Adele did not invite these cheap remarks and she certainly does not deserve them. I hope this appearance on Letterman marks Rivers’ downfall.”

:: But Kerry encouraged everyone to take it down a notch with some real talk: “Joan is unfiltered, but she’s still funny. Adele is fat but she’s still pretty. It’s a joke. Adele probably laughed anyway. She doesn’t seem like she cares what people say. Let’s move on.”

:: The Biebs has been wearing some weird things lately, and when we asked you to fill in the blank on Facebook (“Justin Bieber is wearing a gas mask in public because ________”), Kunaal didn’t hesitate to bring the shade: “He won’t be able to smell how shitty his music is anymore.”

:: And that wasn’t the only odd outfit of the week! When Justin came out wearing…uh, this, most of you recoiled, like Jennifer: “He would not be getting laid in that if he wasn’t worth millions, put it that way.”

:: While Betsy brought up a very, very valid point: “Who doesnt need 2 watches?”

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