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Whatcha Say: Psy, Avril And Our Boy Band Ibrawlator Got Our Readers Talking

After last week’s colossal battle between Demi Lovato, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus, this week’s Ibrawlator saw One Direction and The Wanted fans going head-to-hit out for the title of supreme supreme boy band. (Didn’t see the final result of the duel? Go look!)

Meanwhile, Selena, Avril Lavigne and Psy all dropped their new singles (perhaps they should all come together for one super collaboration? Actually, maybe not), Demi rocked out on Good Morning America, Cassie dropped her new mixtape and, not to be outdone by Bey, Taylor Swift debuted her Diet Coke commercial. See you next week — and make sure to tune into the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday.

Check out some of the best comments of the week below!

41f1f6f7ae8b00bee196e9b40a8247fe Whatcha Say: Psy, Avril And Our Boy Band Ibrawlator Got Our Readers Talking

:: Tzahy Rapoport saw Bey’s mirror image from her new Pepsi commercial, and gave us an amazing “Telephone”-themed response in this week’s Caption This contest: “You can fix it if it’s broken, but you can still see the cracks in the motherf—ing reflection.”

:: Jay found a common link between all the post-Disney pop prince and princesses on Selena Gomez’s “Come & Get It”: Hear Her New Song In Its Entirety: “Selena, Demi and the Jonas Brothers now all have something in common besides being on the Disney Channel at one point…they’ve all released lackluster singles. While I’m sure all their die-hard fans will proclaim it as ‘the best song ever’ in typical fashion, I just can’t help but feel disappointed.”

:: He also felt uninspired by Psy’s upcoming single on PSY’s New Song “Gentleman” Out This Week: “Oh so this is still a thing? I thought it was just an elaborate prank on people who have zero taste in music.”

:: But once the song leaked on PSY’s “Gentleman”: Listen To The Leaked New Song, others felt differently — including Dorey: “Who cares if it’s better or worse than Gangnam Style? Just enjoy it for what it is, snobs.”

:: Patty‘s thoughts on the new Avril single weren’t so complicated on Avril Lavigne’s “Here’s To Never Growing Up”: Listen To The New Song: “Her voice is like nails scratching a blackboard.”

:: Mm agreed, referencing Cher Lloyd and Becky G‘s “Oath” while doing so: “That Cher Lloyd verse it sounds like ironically sounds like the verses of “Complicated” by Avril. “Lay back, it’s all been done before” as she says. This song however is horrible. Her voice sounds strained, the lyrics/song content is tired subject matter, and the production is uninteresting and lazy.”

:: Drew didn’t find anything too interesting about RiRi and Chris Brown‘s relationship on Rihanna Poses With Chris Brown On Instagram, Shatters Breakup Rumors: “Omg…will these two please just STOP? Not likely they will, after all people still love this drama. “Nobody’s Business.” LOL”

:: And finally, Aly was less than pleased with the results of this week’s #Ibrawlator on And The Winner Of The Boy Band Ibrawlator Is…: “I’m sorry, but you do realize that The Wanted don’t have as many manufactured fans as One Direction do, right? So obviously they have more people to stand up for them. Plus, we TWFanmily don’t care about petty polls because we have our own opinions on the boys, and we couldn’t care less about if you love them or hate them.”

Have something to say about our daily pop coverage? Be sure to chime in with your comments on each post, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter while you’re at it, music addicts!


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