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Whatcha Say: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez Got Our Readers Talking

ffc2e56b0e0164251ed575f1eacdf90d Whatcha Say: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez Got Our Readers Talking

TGIF, Idolator readers! First things first: It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday! Make sure you’re in a motherly state of mind by listening to our playlist of odes from our favorite pop mamas to their babies.

This past week saw the premiere of not one, but two major pop diva world tours — Lady Gaga‘s artRAVE and Katy Perry‘s Prismatic World Tour. Katy’s concert drew some unexpected attention from Gaga, who evidently put aside her #PromoteOnilneKindness campaign briefly to send a subtweet the Prism singer’s way. Naturally, the Twitterverse got all riled up.

Plus, Lily Allen dropped her cheeky, Internet-checking Sheezus, Lana Del Rey casually dropped the tracklisting and cover art for Ultraviolence, and Jennifer Lopez revealed the sultry cover of her upcoming studio album, A.K.A. Speaking of, this week’s Ibrawlator rages on between legendary divas Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey. Have you voted on your favorite album cover between the two yet?

As always, you guys had plenty to say. Check out the week’s best comments below!

:: Paris called out Katy Perry’s look on Lady Gaga Shades Katy Perry In A Subtweet: See Her “Green Hair And Mechanical Horses” Jab: “Katy Perry used to look like the boring girl next door, then Gaga showed up on the scene and suddenly she started wearing weird outfits. The girls a Gaga wannabe. I can’t blame her though, her own style is sooooo boring.”

:: While desertgypsy went in on Gaga’s own style: “Gaga calling anyone out for for copying is just laughable. She’s talented, and she’s had a moment or two of originality but overall she’s invented nothing. Her look is copied. Her beats are copied. Her eccentricities are copied. I used to love her.. even knowing she wasn’t an original (look up Dale Bozzio).. but now I can’t even look at her. Don’t care if I never hear another song or see another one of her lame ass videos. Move over G, the next generation is ready to take over.”

:: Art provided a compelling point: “Gaga invented green hair and mechanical horse.”

:: And Shley shut down…well, everyone: “Here’s the thing about both coming from someone who used to like the two but then “PRISM” and “ARTPOP” came out and I completely wanted to unhear such things….1.) So much for Gaga and her whole anti-bullying tirade huh? She tells her fans not to pick on other artists who bad mouth her but yet here this is… 2.) While Gaga’s dresses weirdly on a daily basis it seems, Katy doesn’t She saves that for her music videos and concerts. You don’t see Katy wearing outlandish costumes walking down the street. 3.) People say Gaga gets called out for doing these things and seems desperate….three/four years ago that was completely acceptable…it was something “new” we haven’t quite seen in the pop world for sure, but now? Snore. It’s boring. Everything comes and goes. 4.) People call out Katy Perry for ripping off Gaga? Gaga gets called for ripping others off? Let’s face it: pop stars pretty much lack originality these days. 5.) You’re complaining about hair colors and props? Seriously, shut up. Katy Perry isn’t better than Gaga and vice versa.”

:: Réjean thought the newly leaked Kylie demos sounded better than what she was currently serving on Kylie Minogue’s “You’re Hot”, “Love Attack” & “Guess” Surface Online: Listen To The ‘X’ Demos: “I love Kylie since her first album, got all her CDs, but I have to say “Love Attack” is better then some of the songs on Kiss Me Once…”

:: But davidsask got sassy: “There is a reason why the songs are demos and not on CD.”

:: joe enjoyed the new Lily Allen record, but spotted a problem plaguing pop these days on Lily Allen’s ‘Sheezus’: Album Review: “I thought it was a solid pop album, and definitely better than her last. the only thing i dislike is that she fell victim to the First Four Songs Syndrome. (a disease affecting pop records in which the first four songs are clearly better than the rest of the album)”

:: Adam was not having it with J.Lo’s upcoming award on Jennifer Lopez Becomes The First Woman To Receive Billboard’s Icon Award: Morning Mix: “These awards shows just love making up new awards, 1st Beyoncé gets the millennium, then Rihanna gets an ICON award, and now this one? I’m sorry but when it comes to Music, Jlo is forgettable.”

:: Similarly, Lizzie had no love to give on Jennifer Lopez Announces New Album ‘A.K.A.’: “Okay Jennifer, we get it. You’re also known as J.Lo and Jenny From the Block. Please stop trying to be musically relevant again. Her music is terrible. Why do people treat her like she’s a big deal, musically?”

:: And finally, RtA1913 crept out of the shadows as a non-Bey stan to show his support for SNL‘s hilarious skit on Andrew Garfield Gets Kidnapped For Dissing Beyonce On ‘SNL’: Watch: “I really enjoyed last night episode and this was one of my favorite sketch, I legit screamed with the Rihanna tattoo. And this is exactly how I feel whenever I say Bey’s overrated, well her music and that her new album doesn’t hold tall against her previous releases. I’m afraid to speak my mind icon sad Whatcha Say: Katy Perry, Lady Gaga And Jennifer Lopez Got Our Readers Talking

Get an eyeful of even more pop music coverage, from artist interviews to exclusive performances, on Idolator’s YouTube channel.


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