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Top Celebrity Burglaries of All Time – Part 2

Whoever said that a celebrity’s life is all fun has not read about the many aggravations they go through in their lives because of their status.  One of the peskiest and most dangerous aggravations aside from stalking is burglary.  A good number of celebrities have had their own experience with this type of danger in their own homes.  Ways of preventing this from happening can be seen in this website.

1.  50 Cent

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Another case of burglars just wanting to try the “good life” for a change via a celebrity’s house is that which happened in Curtis Jackson aka 50 Cent’s mansion.  The two burglars, Santos Padilla and Alexander Hernandez, easily found their way inside the house formerly owned by Mike Tyson through an unlocked door.  The unwelcome visitors were caught hiding in separate places in the house while in possession of marijuana.  Hernandez was also drinking a bottle of wine which he stole from the house.  He has an outstanding warrant for attempted murder.

2.  Kourtney Kardashian


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The then pregnant Kourtney Kardashian went home from a dinner night out only to discover that her home had been burglarized and that almost $ 100,000.00 worth of jewelry has been taken.  Included in the lost items are vintage jewelry given by Kourtney’s late father, Robert Kardashian and some expensive jewelry that came from her partner’s grandmother.  The burglar remains unidentified but there are suspicions that the theft was an inside job because the burglars seem to know where the jewelry was kept, given the short time window when the couple was out.

3.  Willem Dafoe

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Green Goblin was not able to do anything about the determined cat burglars who used sophisticated climbing gear to enter his apartment in Rome.  Fortunately, Willem Dafoe and his Italian actress wife were not home when it happened.  Upon initial investigation, the burglars were able to run off with jewelry.  The rest of the stolen items have not been itemized.  A neighbour was alerted of the burglary when the alarm was accidentally set-off by the burglars.

4.  Paris Hilton

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Paris Hilton fell victim in 2008 to the burglary efforts of the so-called “Burglar Bunch ” where she lost millions of dollars’ worth of jewelry, handbags, clothing, and other luxury items.  Her latest encounter with this type of incident was the attempted intrusion of Nathan Lee Prada, in her apartment while armed with two knives.  When questioned, Prada said he just wanted to get money and live on a deserted island.  His intention was deliberate as he purposely searched for Hilton’s Hollywood home.

5.  Orlando Bloom

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Life was never the same for Orlando Bloom after he became a victim to house burglary where he reportedly lost $ 500,000.00 worth of possessions including a prized collection of watches.  The burglars who victimized Bloom are believed to be the same ones that burglarized the homes of Rachel Bilson, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and Audrina Patridge. Because of what Orlando Bloom believes to be the intricate manner by which his possessions were taken, he tends to suspect a close friend or employee.

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