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Top 10 Celebrities with Super Expensive Homes

10f16597f735e3f7d244a0bd00f9464e Top 10 Celebrities with Super Expensive Homes

It’s hard not to be fascinated with celebrity culture. From what they wear to what they drive, we can’t get enough. Celebrity homes are always a great place to look for outstanding luxury, taste, and extravagance. Here are just a few of the biggest (and most expensive) celebrity homes.

The Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

  1. A step up from Kremer’s neighbor: Jerry Seinfeld is known for having an extensive collection of expensive cars, so it isn’t much of a stretch for him to have a $32 million home in New York.

  2. Hugh Hefner’s bunny playhouse: It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Playboy himself would have a nice home, but at $54 million Hugh Hefner certainly spent a pretty penny on his Los Angeles home.

  3. Tiger Woods’ new bachelor pad: You’d think that after his expensive (and highly public) divorce settlement, the golf legend would be trying to save here and there but that’s clearly not the case. For $60 million, Tiger Woods now owns a mansion in Florida, complete with pools, a track, and, of course, his own personal golf course to practice on.

  4. And you get a mansion! And you get a mansion!: We all know that Oprah was a fan of giving away fabulous prizes on her old talk show, but it seems like the most expensive prize that came out of that show was her home. At $85 million, Oprah’s home in Montecito, California is an appropriate palace for the Queen of Talk.

  5. A little inspiration to start your own clothing brand: Recognize Joel Horowitz’s name? Even if you don’t you know the clothing label he co-created. Being one half of the Tommy Hilfiger brand landed Joel Horowitz a $100 million home with an impressive wine cellar containing 3,000+ bottles.

  6. Donald Trump’s ocean view: Trump’s Palm Beach home, valued at $125 million, overlooks the ocean and contains a 100’ pool for good measure.

  7. The best home Microsoft money can buy: It’s no secret that Bill Gates is one of the wealthiest men alive. Over the years he’s donated an incredible amount of his money to an array of great organizations. Compared to the money the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has donated to charities– namely the $750 million to fight things like AIDS, malaria, and TB– the $147.5 million they spent on their home looks like pocket change.

  8. Aaron Spelling’s house that’s more than a house: You might not recognize Aaron Spelling’s name right away, but you’ve definitely seen some of the show he’s produced. Aaron Spelling has worked on hit shows like 90210, Starsky & Hutch, and Charlie’s Angels, just to name a few. It’s no wonder why he lives in a $150 million home in LA with an IMDb page like that. It’s not just a basic house either. In his home, Spelling has a personal pool, tennis court, bowling alley, and even a skating rink.

  9. A celebrity home you could own for just $165 million: William Randolph Hearst’s $165 million mansion was seen on the market. What could that kind of money get you? 30 rooms, multiple pools, and your own personal movie theatre, among other things. With a house like that there would be no reason to go outside ever again.

  10. Off to Neverland: It’s worth mentioning that Michael Jackson’s famous home, Neverland Ranch, was once worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Now the King of Pop’s castle is valued at around $36 million after an auction following his passing.

Obviously a lot of outrageous purchases can come out of having as much money as these celebrities do. When you don’t have to worry about listings, mortgage rates, and loans you can focus on the size, location, and style without limits, which is exactly the case for these celebs.


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