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Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)

gal tiger elin woods 30 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)

Tiger Woods’ life has become the fodder for jokes and spoofs as more women come forward stating they also had affairs with the golfer. Read below for the most recent women that have come forward including Cory Rist, Jamie Jungers, and Mindy Lawton and see the Saturday Night Live video below.

Saturday Night live did a very amusing parody of Tiger Woods and wife Elin last night. You can see the video for yourself below.

Tiger Woods had been thrust into the media spotlight after his mistresses have come forward talking about their affairs with the golfer.

Many speculate that Tiger Woods’ wife Elin chased her cheating husband with a golf club and knocked out his car windows, but Tiger Woods denied these claims. He said Elin was only trying to help him.

The SNL skit began with a fake CNN breaking alert and then went on to the “news conference” where Woods, played by Kenan Thompson, was apologizing with his wife “Elin” at his side.

Tiger Woods apologizes in the skit and only gets himself into more trouble with his wife. He mentioned multiple affairs which caused Elin to scream “multiple?” and the screen cuts to a new alert saying Woods had been taken back to the hospital again after he “fell down a flight of stairs and threw himself through a plate-glass window.”

“I’ve been really clumsy this week,” Thompson as Woods said, wearing a Woods logo black cap and the red shirt typically worn by Woods in final rounds.

When his cell phone rings, the faux Elin yells “Who is that?” and the screen cuts to another news break, this time saying Woods was hit by his own car.

“Talk about a case of the Mondays,” said “Woods”. “This is all my fault. Believe it or not I ran over myself.”

He added, “One good thing is I can get rid of this old thing and get a new model,” which angered “Elin” once more and sparked the last news break, this time “Woods” returning to the screen with the club bent over his head.

The funny SNL skit comes just as several new woman have claimed affairs with Tiger Woods.

One such woman named Mindy Lawton, a 34-year-old waitress, claims she had a year-long affair with Tiger Woods filled with regular sex in a range of locations.

According to Lawton, Woods is quite the lover. He is “very well endowed” and “knows his way around the bedroom. On a scale of ten I would give him 12,” she tells News of the World. Lawton’s sister, Lynn, adds that Mindy described their sex as “extremely good.”

And then there’s the New York Times story about Cory Rist and her affair with Woods.

“Tiger would typically get a large suite at a hotel. Someone would book Cori an adjacent room, so she wouldn’t be seen coming into his room.”

Kalika Moquin has also been linked to Tiger Woods, as well as Jamie Jungers, the fourth mistress to come forward yesterday.

So we are up to six mistresses?

Check out below to see the SNL skit of Tiger Woods:

Click thumbnails for larger pictures

091206075520resized mindy lawton 81x100 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
amd jamie jungers 64x100 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
gal tiger elin woods 26 100x72 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
gal tiger elin woods 30 100x66 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
tiger woods family 100x56 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
tiger woods 2005 wife2 100x78 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)
TigerWoods 86x100 Tiger Woods Affair Scandal SNL Spoof (VIDEO)


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