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The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!

wenn21669824 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!

Randy Quaid and his wife Evi posted bond and also sent a crazy letter to the judge. Read more below to see excerpts of the wacky letter Quaid wrote to the judge.

Actor Randy Quaid wrote a strange letter to the judge proclaiming his and his wife’s innocence in the hotel incident.

Randy claims that he and his wife Evi never received any bills from the hotel because their mail is being “misappropriated to create false evidence.”

In one very interesting part of the letter, Randy told the judge that Karl Rove made flirtatious advances towards his wife Evi.Randy writes that Evi’s outspokenness has earned the respect of all people, “including Karl Rove, who on a recent visit to Marfa made more than one flirtatious advance toward Evi!”

Randy and Evi Quaid face charges that they defrauded an Inn Keeper, not paying after racking up a huge bill at San Ysidro Ranch.

In his lengthy five-page letter, Randy stated that the hotel forced he and Evi to move from a single room to an expensive suite and didn’t tell them it would cost additional money. Randy also contends that the hotel is suing them because the owners of the hotel are having money problems.

“Surely we cannot be expected to make up for a 56% short fall of a billion dollar company’s cash flow problems,” Randy wrote.

And Randy also tried to explain that the allegations his wife’s credit card was not valid is not true. He says when they checked in the card was declared working by the credit card company for $500. In the police affidavit it states, “the Quaids knowingly used a credit card they knew was not valid.”

Randy told the judge, “According to Evi, the card was very much valid; it happened to be currently full at the time.”

A few other interesting comments by Randy Quaid was him telling how he changed his and his wife’s cell phone numbers often because  “we are very concerned about the security of our cell phones.”

Randy said they didn’t skip out on the hotel bill and that it’s a routine thing to leave a five-star hotel without going to the front desk.

Quaid did admit that they are in a dispute with another hotel for an unpaid bill for over$17,000. He explains: “Until this fiasco we were unaware of the very real confusion regarding a second $17,000+ bill…”

Randy said he never received any mail with the hotel bill until after he and his wife were arrested and stated,“Again I cannot explain the reason for this document to go undelivered unless someone intentionally interfered with the mail!”

And just for an extra little touch, Randy sent the judge a photo of him and his dog at the hotel attempting to prove  “the relaxing, tranquil effect San Ysidro Ranch has had on us over the years!”

Strange huh?

The Quaid’s posted bail which was set at $20,000 for both him and Evi.

Randy and Evi had skipped out on the four voluntary court appearances and there was a warrant out for their arrest as the DA was proceeding with extraditing the Quaids from Texas to California.

The Quaid’s arraignment on charges of burglary, defrauding an innkeeper and conspiracy has been set for Dec. 15.

“They have posted bond,” Santa Barbara Senior Deputy District Attorney Lee Carter stated. If they don’t show up to court, “a bounty hunter will go and get them,” Carter says.

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wenn3083541 100x66 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!
wenn308865 76x100 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!
wenn9972704 66x100 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!
wenn9988494 69x100 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!
wenn21669824 70x100 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!
wenn50487434 67x100 The Quaids Post Bond & Bring On The Crazy!



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