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Posts Tagged ‘film’

10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing

There is a fine line between acting and singing. Not everyone can criss-cross platforms, but when they do, they can get very infectious – making that leap from silver screen to your iPods. Here are some of today’s actors who can actually sing:

ef97e1cef1a4285da69150d10ed68652 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Gwyneth is a record deal waiting to happen. Belting it out on films such as Duets and Country Strong, you would think that Chris Martin’s musical sensibilities have rubbed off on Mrs. Coldplay here, but it’s her stunning splash on Glee that really made her famous (on our playlists) with “Forget You“.

6b4ccc826becd251d465e605d3539e2c 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Woah! Wolverine can sing? Well, he has been singing on the theatre stage even before becoming the stuff of action films, so it’s no surprise that he was amazing as Jean Valjean on the recent Les Mis, like his self-searching romp “Who Am I?“. Definitely one of the hottest actors who can actually sing.

af3a48b2f3088375a7d5f80c5861487f 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Dakota Fanning is slowly turning into a feisty vixen, especially when she starred as rocker Cherie Currie in the 2010 film The Runaways. Enlisting the help of Joan Jett (played by Kristen Stewart), she kills it on “Cherry Bomb“.

97482d17a474c9826762b8b59d47e984 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Speaking of Kristen Stewart, her BF Robert Pattinson probably would be a folk singer by now. Why? Well, in the few songs that he releases, he strangely sounds like Bob Dylan. He even provided songs for the soundtrack of the first Twilight film such as “Never Think“.

cf79fd07f3f04e2813e24f37c8b053ab 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Amanda Seyfried is at her best when she sings her heart out in musicals such as Mamma Mia and Les Miserables, but what caught our attention is her stunning rendition of the 60’s hit “Lil’ Red Riding Hood”, which she released along with the movie of the same name.

26b04b05b9cf0ad6659efb9c5fb96a23 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing

6.       HUGH GRANT

Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore made a splash when they co-starred in the 2007 flick Music and Lyrics, but what made audience love Grant even more is his retro-cool performance at the movie’s beginning of “Pop Goes My Heart“. How about an album, Hugh?

30dbf9110bc06ed613359b568c25a2ff 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Even zombie slayers such as Milla Jovovich need a break. She still kicks some serious ass when she’s performing. Recently, she went to Europe’s Life Ball to perform her electro-tinged single “Electric Sky”.

aedf6fdf6bc52ee361d194497903b336 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing

8.       TOM CRUISE

Scientology aside, Tom Cruise is still the most gorgeous man on the planet. He just proved it again when he starred on last year’s Rock of Ages, where he asks no less than pouring sugar on his rock hard physique (check it out here).

acf61bdd86e82493cd53fbb5762a1c21 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


ScarJo sings, but of the indie variety. This blonde bombshell is an alternative darling as well, releasing her debut album “Anywhere I Lay My Head” on 2008. She does sing in between those movie shoots, just like her AOL Sessions a few years back.

beca8d5b907b6745c33cf1d930e26601 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


Hit after hit movie, Adam Sandler is already adorable with his humour alone, but when he sings “Grow Old With You” to you in an airplane just like in the film Wedding Singer, more hearts will definitely melt.

fef9aa447c57952c014e6fa38d9f78ef 10 Actors Who Can Actually Sing


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