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Tactical Tomahawk

In the Spring of 2001, I was commissioned by members of the 820th Security Forces to design a tomahawk that featured 18th century lines and 21st century engineering – a tomahawk for modern combat use. My father and I went to work, and by the fall of 2001 the Eagle Talon Special Forces Tomahawk was seeing action in Afghanistan.


Since then I have made hundreds of Talons for elite soldiers around the world. Various Special Forces Groups, SEALS, Delta Force, Security Forces, Marines, Army, Navy, Bomb Squads, Department of Justice etc., can be seen toting a Talon or two along with all the other tons of equipment these kind of guys carry. It has been a pleasure and an honor to work with these folks – they are fun to work with and they put it on the line everyday for the rest of the United States.

Why a Tactical Tomahawk?

The tomahawk has served as an effective field tool and weapon for over 300 years, and the physics behind the tomahawk give it many advantages over a knife. The user can choke up on the grip to use the tomahawk like a knife. Held at the normal grip, the cutting power is multiplied several times over because of the leverage of the long handle.

Features of the Eagle Talon Tactical Tomahawk:

· The spike can be used for general hole punching, and is capable of punching through a standard Kevlar helmet. It can also be used for climbing.

· The forward cutting edge is flat ground for general cutting purposes.

· The beard of the tomahawk is hollow ground and sharpened, allowing the user to hook and rip his adversary at the same time.

· The all-steel integral design ensures that there will never be a head-handle separation.

· The Micarta scales can be removed and the handle wrapped with para-cord. A figure eight wrap provides an excellent gripping surface and provides the user with over 22 feet of cord if needed. The Micarta scales also have 4 feet of 4mm nylon cord laced in them.

The Eagle Talon is equally at home in urban warfare as it is in the mountains and forests. In the woods the Eagle Talon can be used for climbing, digging, chopping wood and clearing brush. In urban situations the Talon excels as an entry/exit tool and as a rake and break tool for windows. The Eagle Talon can even be used to chop through a standard cinder block wall.

To read more about these axes, click the links below.


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