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No. 50: brokeNCYDE, “Bree Bree”

525x470jpeg1 No. 50: brokeNCYDE, “Bree Bree”It’s hard to believe that New Mexico “crunkcore” crew brokeNCYDE actually exists outside of YouTube links that doughy, saddo Broken Social Scene fans with superiority complexes send to each other to convince themselves that they are smarter than a 10th grader. And it’s even harder to believe brokeNCYDE didn’t come fully formed out of the bowels of MySpace as a combination of friend-stacking fashionistas and scene-kid crypto-irony, ready to convince your little sister that it’s still more fun to take pictures of a show with a cell phone than actually watch it.

brokeNCYDE had growing pains just like any band. Take “Bree Bree,” from 2008’s self-released BC-13—recorded back in the days before they had a better grasp of beats and before they realized it was probably a bad idea to be saying the n-word on their records. To explain this to anyone older than 17, “Bree Bree” is the piggie vocal noise that a few “deathcore” bands in the mid-’00s used to squeak out—an affectation they quickly abandoned once it became an internet punchline with in the span of a week. brokeNCYDE are goofballs (or completely fucking clueless), so they not only continued to bree proudly towards the end of the decade, but even named their giant pigsuit mascot (!) Bree Bree. Besides eating a big runny scoop of “Bree,” they get “freaky with sluts,” wear ice on their neck and say that—ugh, ugh, ugh—they “need a project chick.” Bands like brokeNCYDE and electro-doofus earthstains like 3OH!3 are essentially excuses for rich white kids to play dress-up with the most sexist and materialistic elements of hip-hop—pretty much a minstrel show in crooked haircuts.

brokeNCYDE – “Bree Bree” [YouTube]
brokeNCYDE [MySpace]
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