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Kanye West Allegedly Punched Man Who Called Kim A “N****r Lover”

6d23785347c62f94448aa96a1524a981 Kanye West Allegedly Punched Man Who Called Kim A “N****r Lover”

UPDATE: Kim claims the man threatened to kill her (“I will kill you, slut”) and TMZ reports she is going to file a police report and seek charges related to making criminal threats.

This is one of those stories that just makes you feel icky all around and makes you wish everyone could just retire to their own private underground bunker and never interact ever again, because people are just the worst. On Monday (January 13), Kanye West allegedly assaulted a man who hurled racial slurs at his fiancee Kim Kardashian in Beverly Hills. According to TMZ, it started when Kim was swarmed by photographers as she tried to enter a medical clinic. Some weirdo apparently tried to help clear the crowd by yelling, “Fuck these faggot-ass niggers” (sounds like a real gem!), at which point Kim told him not to use that language. The man then screamed at her, “Fuck you, bitch. Just trying to help you.  Shut up nigger lover, stupid slut.”

Humans, they’re just the worst, aren’t they? Once inside, Kim reportedly called Kanye, while this (alleged) racist shitbag continued lobbing the N-word at Kim and Ye. West allegedly arrived at the office waiting room, saw the man and punched him, as Kim screamed “We have it all on tape!” regarding the mouth-breather’s repulsive comments. So now the knuckle-dragging instigator (who turns out to be 18, lucky for West) is pressing charges and the LAPD wants to interview Kanye.

This could mean serious trouble for West, since he’s currently facing assault charges against a slimy paparazzo from an incident last year. However, that run-in was about as nonviolent as a physical confrontation can be — the (hyper-airquotes here) “victim” was smiling during the whole thing because that’s how silly it was — so that piece of garbage hired Gloria Allred as his attorney. Ye’s got his work cut out for him.

If you’ll recall, back in October, Kanye warned anyone — racist trash or paparazzi trash or whomever — back on Jimmy Kimmel Live that he’s just looking for basic human decency when he interacts with the plebes. “Don’t antagonize me, because it’s not safe for you in the zoo,” he said. “Don’t think that I’m not from Chicago for one second and think you can walk up and disrespect me and my family constantly. People say, ‘Well, you signed up to be a celebrity, blah blah blah,’ and I understand you gotta get your money, it’s hard out here, but let’s have respect for each other.”

Anyone who wonders why Kanye used parts of Yeezus to rail against the racism still plaguing our country, or wonders why he wants to claim the Confederate flag as his own and totally warp its symbolism, this is why. Because there are still hordes of ignorant cave people among us.


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