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Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb

233dde9da2f84d18f0b090d338d472f5 Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb

The body of a pregnant woman, Darlene Haynes, was discovered in Massachusetts badly decomposed with her baby removed from her womb. Read more on this horrific story below.

Darlene Haynes’  decomposed body was wrapped in bedding and dumped in a closet at her home in Worcester, Massachusetts, discovered by her landlord.

William Thompson discovered Haynes’ body after he went to investigate after receiving complaints of a terrible stench coming from her apartment.

Haynes, 23, was eight months pregnant but the fetus had been removed.

Police said the missing baby could survive outside the womb but would need medical attention immediately.

Haynes’s body was so mangled and decomposed that police said they could not immediately identify her gender.

Sergeant Kerry Hazelhurst told the Boston Herald newspaper that officers were hunting for the baby,whether alive or dead,by going to hospitals and asking the public to come forward if they are suspicious of anyone who appeared with a baby within the last few days.

‘We were told the fetus is viable,’ he said, adding that if alive the baby would need immediate medical care to survive.

A friend of Darlene Haynes’ told CNN that she had received a text message from Haynes at 11.20pm on Thursday saying the young mother was having wine coolers with a friend in her apartment. The friend did not specify if the pregnant Haynes was actually drinking the alcoholic beverages herself.

Haynes was already a mother of three. Police said yesterday that they had interviewed the father of one of her children, a daughter, Roberto Rodriguez.

Haynes had a restraining order against Rodriguez, who allegedly pushed her into a glass table in June and cut her arm, then grabbed her by the throat and slapped her.

Court records also showed Rodriguez was charged with hitting Haynes in 2008 in a case that was continued without a finding.

The landlord said Rodriguez moved out of the apartment last month.

In an interview with WCVB, Rodriguez said Haynes was ‘a nice girl.’

‘She had her problems, you know, but nobody deserves to go (through) what she went through,’ he said.

A neighbor said that Haynes was ‘desperately lonely’ and would have let anyone in her door if they would just ’sit and talk to her’ for a bit.

A woman, who identified herself as Haynes’ aunt, said: ”We want our baby back.’

The aunt refused to give her name but added: ‘We want our grandchild back, and we want to know why.’

Sandra Grandmaison, 58, another aunt of the dead woman, revealed how she last spoke with her niece two weeks ago.

She said Haynes had three children. Jasmine, four, and three-year-old Lilliana lived with their Grandmother.

Haynes looked after the third child, two-year-old Christina. Haynes had dropped that child off with an ex-boyfriend last Thursday.

Darlene Haynes put off two visits with her older children last week because she was having trouble walking.

Investigators stated Haynes died after she suffered a heavy blow to the head which fractured her skull.

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61331fc32da5334be8f95923b23c7e84 Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb
34bb237a6d6e573a007b5aaf147e5953 Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb
52050cc29d57e020367d6cf82102414d Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb
b8ea88039ca3b0ff27dace06d8ce3c63 Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb
5006b5ba0ae48bd54a522a17c7edc415 Darlene Haynes (Photo) Killed & Unborn Fetus Taken From Womb


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