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Celebrity Gifts and Their Price Tags

0625e67281a5cb5b183bfeb2236b697c Celebrity Gifts and Their  Price TagsHoliday gifting can be such a tedious task when you have no idea what to give in between people you care about and those you merely need to politely gift. Although the actual price of a gift is secondary to the actual thought you put into a gift, sometimes a price tag can make the difference. After the craziness of Black Friday, and Paris Hilton splurging on a $300,000 deal for a  brand new California Spyder Ferrari …  here’s a list of celebrity gifts and recipients that might leave you shaking your head or  make you feel grateful for those knitted Christmas sweaters you get each year.

Taylor Swift gets a $11,000 guitar  from Jake Gyllenhaal for her birthday. But not just any ole guitar, it was a vintage Gretsch signed by Chet Atkins

Justin Bieber got a Range Rover as his congratulatory 16th birthday gift from Usher.

Britney Spears showed her love to Kevin when he turned 30 and bought him a diamond encrusted watch from Jacob & Co. packing a 71.36 ct diamond weight. All for a sweet price tag of $150,000.

Jennifer Aniston gets a very friendly one of a kind $ 12,000  Chanel bicycle from her pal Courtney as little perk me up to support her new passion for biking in LA.

David Beckham certainly wants to make sure the wifey is always looking posh, so he gifter her with a $1,500 fashion book entitled : Valentino Garavani : First name in Fashion. The fashion book is a rare publication and only has 2,000 copies out in the market.

Justin Timberlake gave both his lady loves Cameron Diaz and Jessica Biel custom made Evolution surf boards with a year’s supply of Sex Wax….  For the surf boards, of course!

Angelina Jolie gave Brad another toy to add to his big toys, but this  $100k custom made motorcycle gets special engraving on the plaque of the handlebars that says “ My sweetheart, the drunk”.

Matthew McConaughey gave his closest friends and family headlamps for Christmas because he thought they were awesome and thought it to be one of the greatest inventions to date.

George Clooney went movie crazy Christmas 2005  as he gave friends 100 dvds each of his fave movies.

Guy Ritchie shows how much he loves his material girl with a $21k ice pick to celebrate the release of her album. The dagger is jewel studded and designed by Jade Jagger. Although Madonna already has one, we’re guessing Guy Ritchie wanted to stress a point?

Tyra Banks let her love for her staff flow last Christmas 2007. She was on her way to Italy all donned and dressed like a million dollar model and made a brief stop at the modest Christmas party she threw for her staff at a dive bar with free drinks but no food. Tyra expressed her gratitude saying “I want to thank you guys for working so hard - I have a special guest – here’s Santa!”  And in Santa’s bag were limp Mcdonald’s cheeseburgers. Is that when we all get to say Hoe Hoe Hoe?

7544996480df1742abf9ffe59fcb3b3e Celebrity Gifts and Their  Price Tags

Photo Credit: JuHickmann

Photo Credit:

325472601571f31e1bf00674c368d335 Celebrity Gifts and Their  Price Tags

325472601571f31e1bf00674c368d335 Celebrity Gifts and Their  Price Tags


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