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Aussie Celebrities with Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Not many movie fans are aware that some celebrities they adore and look up to were once not so good-looking. While some are blessed with natural and stunning beauty, the others are not although they have great talent when it comes to acting.

Australia has its share of celebrities that have made it big in Hollywood or have conquered the international entertainment industry. They include Olivia Newton-John, Kylie Minogue, Nicole Kidman, Russell Crowe, Kate Blanchett and Hugh Jackman.

But did you know that some of these Aussie stars, particularly the women, have gone through beauty enhancement treatments? It may or may not surprise you at all. It’s quite understandable if they choose to have these cosmetic procedures. After all, they’re celebrities and their looks are their capital in their job.

Nicole Kidman

783e484118f67bdda74b0134efdcbade Aussie Celebrities with Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Image: glamour

This former wife of Tom Cruise has had various cosmetic treatments, both surgical and non-surgical. It’s been observed that the award winning actress shows no sagging skin at the moment particularly around her jaw line and neck. This has led the experts to believe that Kidman has had non-surgical treatments to maintain a youthful face such as laser skin resurfacing and thermage among others.

The Aussie actress is also known to use Botox on a frequent basis to keep her skin wrinkle-free. Observers have even criticized her for having an expressionless face due to this.

Kidman has had lip augmentation to add to her other cosmetic treatments. Reports say she used injectible fillers to include Juvederm and Restylane.

And that’s not all because the actress has had her nose reshaped as well. The nose tip is now shorter and retracted while the nostrils are smaller than her original nose.

Olivia Newton-John

445c8be1096f823f0ff4681e2678a08d Aussie Celebrities with Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Image: biography

Olivia Newton-John, a four-time Grammy winner and the woman behind many popular love songs known all over the world, has aged gracefully. Observers say she’s had too much Botox and has undergone fat grafting as well that resulted in her chubby cheeks.

But at age 62, Olivia Newton-John is looking her best after surviving a bout with breast cancer.

Danii Minogue

9a36a5c651793a267016d51234e23d18 Aussie Celebrities with Cosmetic Surgery Experience

Image: popjustice

The singer-actress and younger sister of popular Australian singer Kylie Minogue has had breast augmentation. And like most beauty-conscious celebs, she’s a frequent user of Botox as well.

Other than her skin and breast, though, Minogue is believed to have had rhinoplasty or nose enhancement and lip augmentation fillers using Restylane.

Many of these stars have not really revealed in public the cosmetic procedures they went through but then again when you’re a star, the press will always find a way to know some of your secrets.

About the guest author:

Janna is a freelance writer who believes in natural beauty but would not hesitate to use Botox to keep a youthful look. To know about certain cosmetic procedures from a licensed medical professional, visit Robert Goldman.


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