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A Note To Our Readers

robotolator A Note To Our Readers

Thanks for all of your comments, including the really colorful and nasty ones. By now it’s clear that  we’ve made some changes to Idolator.

Before we get into that, we want to thank the estimable Maura Johnston for her incredible efforts here over the past three years. She’s a class act, and we wish her every success in her next chapter. (BTW, she and Chris Weingarten will be resuming the F2K list – they’re looking for a home for it, and you can contact them at, or via Twitter @maura or @1000timesyes; Idolator will be picking up with its own take on things.)

Our new bloggers are Robbie Daw and Becky Bain. They are, in fact, real. We checked. 

Robbie has been writing his own music blog, Chart Rigger, for nearly five years, and during that time has contributed regularly to The Daily Beast and Towleroad, served as managing editor of Instinct magazine, and wrote for and appeared on Clear Channel’s syndicated radio program Radio With A Twist. Becky, who has been an entertainment reporter for E! for the past two years, writes a monthly pop-culture column for INsite Magazine, and performs comedy with the Upright Citizens Brigade.

The addition of two new co-editors is the first of a series of changes coming to the site. We’re working on a number of new product features that we think will help transform the blog into something more. We invite you to share any ideas or thoughts on what you’d really like in a pop music site. We are listening. We hope you’ll stay tuned too.


Hello! Thanks for proving patience is a virtue as we all adjust to a new day here. And thank you kindly for also correctgn my speling errorz! I’d like to give major props to Maura Johnston, who I’ve never met but have much respect for. She did a supreme job with the site, always made for an amazing and informative read, and I wish her the best of luck. As for me, I assure you, I’m not the Anti-Christ. Nor has it ever been verified that I am, indeed, of mechanical, robotic origin! What I am is a massive music fan and professional writer who’s really looking forward to being a part of Idolator as it moves forward. I really hope you all continue to hang around be a part of this rad online community. After all, I’ll probably need some editing now and then.

- Robbie

Greetings, snappy-minded Idolator readers, absolutely love your passion in the comments, makes the pressure of taking over for the fabulous Maura thaaaat much more braincrushing. But I’m up for the challenge! Hope you are, too. I’m a huge music fan like all of you (and don’t get me started on my addiction to American Idol), and I hope you’ll stick around while we try some new stuff out while keepin’ you on the pulse of all things pop.

- Becky


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