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A Compelling Case For “Guitar Hero: The Monkees”

You have to admit, Graeme McMillan’s scenario as laid out on his blog would make for some interesting gameplay: “Think about how awesome it would be—The Monkees’ story is—to me, at least—more interesting (and, considering that they’re all still alive, less sad) than the Beatles’ in terms of playable narrative: You have the auditions to become part of the Prefab Four in the first place (Don’t piss off Charlie Manson!), then dealing with sudden and unearned fame, before having to prove your musical chops before recording your own material with Headquarters, and then dealing with the artistic peak/commercial nadir of Head and 33 and 1/3 Revolutions Per Monkee before losing members and the final split…” [I Am Graeme McMillan. / YouTube]


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