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6 To-Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

Even when on the verge of being bludgeoned, the women of ‘Walking Dead’ are still smokin’! [What more if they aren't.] Check ‘em out below:

19b026e034605a27649e8065b75d493b 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!


Playing the role of rifle-shooter “Andrea”, Holden boasts an impressive portfolio that includes projects such as Silent Hill, The Mist, and The Shield

42ee246bc8a431368e13ee78d617c3f9 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) Wikimedia


We might have been engrossed with Beth’s character evolution, but what could surprise you even more are the girl’s pipes, which isn’t too shabby: hear “Expired Love” now!

0ca6495efafb402bae0e77f4b620f97e 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) King de Tagle


From Broadway, the Zimbabwean personality has successfully crossed over from the backstage (as a playwright) to the front of the cam as the butt-kicking Michonne.

56d74dc9b8a8bee71189d00cd2123523 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) AP


Maggie Greene certainly lost Glenn, but not, well, the adoration of guys everywhere, especially now that she’s getting her tough on!

fa94c552196c990dcea31fca6eef123d 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) Eide Magazine


The face that launched a thousand ‘walkers’, Lori Grimes, finally met her fate last year, but that doesn’t mean Sarah hasn’t stopped being hot!

7b7efb680debc0eed151099aa3952c9d 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) Fansshare


At only 23 years old, Christian surely is the freshest entry here, and the most experienced too! [Okay, that sounded bad.] She has appeared on all Twilight films before.

d19fb1aa398de4dbb0ca94f835e98248 6 To Die For ‘Walking Dead’ Actresses!

(c) Maxim

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