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10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Celebrities are interesting in their own right. Many of us would do anything to become famous and catch the spotlight. There are, however, many quirky facts that remind us that celebrities are not so different.

Here are ten odd and quirky facts about celebrities that you might not have ever heard before.

1. In a Haze

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Not many people know what Snoop Dogg did when he wasn’t famous. I bet if you asked Cameron Diaz about Snoop Dogg, she would tell you an interesting fact indeed. It seems that Snoop Dogg sold weed to Diaz while she was in high school. Who would have thought!

2. Fear of fluttering things

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Apparently, Nicole Kidman has a very odd fear. She is afraid of lovely, colorful butterflies. Maybe she got a good glimpse of what they look like up close, and that’s not as pretty as the dainty wings.

3. Extreme pay

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Wouldn’t you want to be Oprah Winfrey? Although in some ways she is no different than any of us, she is definitely loaded. This talk show host makes more than $10 per second.

4. Art on fire

eb0bd5a7a2af76eb91ce00a03d04d5bb 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

When Picasso was younger, he was very poor. He was so poor that he even resorted to burning his own paintings to keep himself warm during the winter. Let us be thankful that summer came soon enough that he still left a legacy of his work.

5. The twin

29afd034342d2ee260d68ac0994d6f4f 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Elvis Presley had a twin brother who died at birth. There are many ways in which Elvis’s life and career might have been drastically different if his twin, Jessie, had survived. We’ll never know.

6. Hot hit

7f2ad8a970b425b8a18e4aec4c1d7cf4 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Neil Young wrote three hit songs while experiencing a raging fever of 103 degrees.

7. Exotic careers

14c8589b11ff9c53dc6ef751dc0e2d2f 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Lady Gaga and Brad Pitt have two very distinct things in common: They were both strippers before becoming famous. If you ever wonder how they got their moves, then maybe they learned them while taking their clothes off in college.

8. Mouse phobia

c4fdcf34bfca220862aebba7a3ba8e9d 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Walt Disney, creator of Mickey Mouse, was actually afraid of mice.

9. Unscented

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Even though she has appeared in many perfume commercials, Beyonce is reportedly allergic to perfume.

10. A little advice

fd69856d9ab4759f65bb8d16462111ec 10 Odd Facts About Celebrities

Drew Barrymore posed nude for Playboy in 1995. Steven Spielberg sent her a copy of the magazine with clothing drawn on, a quilt, and a note that said “cover yourself!” Apparently, after E.T., Speilberg felt like a father figure to her.

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